Ethical luxury yarns from the fiber of the gods

Pelgo Vikunja Garn

Vicuna Yarn

Ethical luxury yarns from the fiber of the gods
Pelgo Vikunja Garn
Vicuna Yarn

Pelgo develops products made from the purest, finest wool. To guarantee this, we have sought out the most valuable wool variety in the world – vicuna wool!

The most valuable Fibre in the World

Our Products

Pelgo develops ethical & sustainable luxury yarns made from the purest and finest fibre available. To guarantee this, we have sought out the most valuable raw material in the world – vicuna fibre!

Our exclusive and limited yarns consist of 100% finest vicuna fibre, produced through endless effort and the most demanding requirements. 

We enable you to create the most unique products and fabrics for your collection with the fleece of the gods.

Stand out from the conventional raw materials. Enjoy as a brand or manufacturer the special prestige that was already granted to the nobility of the Incas at that time. Inspire your customers with this special exclusivity.

The quality of a fibre primarily comes down to its fineness. This is measured in microns. One micron is equal to one thousandth of a millimetre. The fineness of vicuna ranges from 10 to 13 microns – making vicuna the king among premium fibres. No material is finer, softer, rarer or more pleasant on the skin. There are even more advantages for the wearer:

Vikunja Wärme-Kälte-Eigenschaften


Hot/cold properties

Vicuna fur is adapted to the changing weather conditions of the South American Andes: cold, wind, and rain as well as scorching heat. The fibre thus has a cooling effect in warm conditions and retains heat when it is cold.

Vikunja Herausragende Optik


Outstanding look

Every item made of vicuna is as individual and unique as its owner. Due to the different colours of the individual animals, the fabrics are also varied and vibrant in their appearance, with a characteristic shimmering sheen.

Vikunja Knitterfrei


Low tendency to crease

Thanks to the unique quality characteristics, items made of vicuna hardly ever crease.

Our Focus

We ensure sustainable processing from the raw material to yarn, as well as fair trade and thus superior quality.

Our Team

Philosophy and concept

Pelgo is run by Flavio Del Solar and Marc Winterstein. We are two young entrepreneurs and we want to make the ultimate luxury available to the global market through this exclusive material. It is as unique, precious and valuable as each and every one of us. Pelgo was born out of this vision. At the same time, another concern that is close to our hearts is bringing the harmony between man and nature a little more into balance and creating fair trade conditions for all parties involved.


Our unique luxury yarns are CITES certified, which means they come from trade that is 100% sustainable, fair, and are legally sheared from controlled projects.

More about CITES certification >> 


The fleece of the gods. 100% natural, sustainably processed through fair, honest and trusting cooperation – creating added value for all parties involved.

Flavio del Solar

My passion for the extraordinary means constantly searching for newer and more efficient ways to overcome challenges and achieve visions.

Marc Winterstein Pelgo
Marc Winterstein
It is important to me that I positively influence the world around me and create a better world for all.

Our Story

By tracing his roots in Peru, Flavio traveled across the hidden areas of the high Andes at over 3000 metres to establish contacts among the rural farmers. Due to the difficult conditions associated with the Peruvian Andes (weather, air, and road conditions), this was no easy feat in the beginning. It was especially important for us to establish personal trade relations and to get an impression of how the Peruvian communities operate there. Flavio even took part in what’s known as the chaccu. This is the ceremony in which the wild animals are guided through the high Andes by the rural farmers, supported by other volunteers, using a kilometre-long colourful string until they reach an enclosure. Working with the wild vicunas always requires the approval of the national nature and animal protection authorities.
After we too had established contact with the local nature and animal protection authorities, we officially founded Pelgo in July 2019.


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We look forward to hearing from you, without obligation, and to introducing you to our uniquely luxurious yarns, as well as possibly working together based on a shared vision.


Sourcing, sustainability & environmental awareness

The raw material for our yarns comes from vicunas from the Peruvian high Andes. We obtain the golden fleece from farmers who we know personally. We strive to create harmonious living conditions for them and their families through fair and trusting cooperation and contribute to the conservation of the vicuna species. It is for that reason that we are also in close contact with the nature conservation organisation, which is also on site when the vicunas are shorn and takes care of the animals there. We import this fleece to Europe and have it processed here into a 100% pure and natural yarn.

In this way, we enable the farmers and their families to enjoy adequate living standards through fair payment and cooperation. We are certified by the endangered species protection authority CITES – so all our vicuna fleece is legally sheared. Sustainable, environmentally conscious, fair, respectful and trusting, from the animal to the Peruvian community to processing in Europe and back to the whole world!


Vicunas, relatives of alpacas, are wild animals from the camel family. These days they can only be found in South America in the Andes at an altitude of 3500 to 5500 meters. That’s where they feel most at home. In the 1960s, their numbers fell dangerously low. Today, thanks to their inclusion in the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), the total number has risen to around 270,000. The animals are only shorn every two years, with a yield of around 200 grams per vicuna. Just healthy, adult animals are shorn and only the brown back fur. All other animals are given veterinary treatment, vaccinated and released back into the wild after the shearing process until they are ready for shearing again in two years. All of this is controlled by the Peruvian nature conservation authorities, with whom we are in close contact. By purchasing our yarns, you are supporting the conservation of this unique species as well as ensuring the fair payment of the Peruvian farmers who shear, care for and release the vicunas into their natural environment following a centuries-old tradition.

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